October 8, 2017
Ikovox Coffee in the background
Itaewon District, Seoul, South Korea

Cameron Burgess is a designer × prototyper hybrid working on emerging technologies and authoring environments.

He is currently located in Pittsburgh, PA where he is an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University in the School of Design and Human-Computer Interaction Institute — but can frequently be found at the Frank-Ratcheye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry.

Previously, he has been an exchange student at KAIST (South Korea) in the Department of Industrial Design and an intern at the Dubberly Design Office, Samsung Research America’s Think Tank Team, and Asana.

He was born in White Rock, BC where he learned to use the computer, make things out of lego bricks, and tell stories with moving pixels. He also attended a Waldorf School, which he didn’t like at the time, but is now eternally grateful for.