Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop

From September 2015 to February 2016, I served as the Lead Designer and Design Team Lead for Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop, the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition team from CMU.

One of my primary projects was architecting the design and communication frameworks for our Competition Weekend engineering presentation at Texas A&M University.

Interdisciplinary Sprints

I began by spending long amounts of time talking with various Engineers on the team, working to understand the functions of the pod and how I could communicate them to various audiences.

Communication Frameworks

With a complicated system, such as the Hyperloop, establishing communication frameworks for consistently explaining common events and systems was essential. I collaborated with Ruolan Xia, the principle graphics designer on CMH Design, to create visual tiles for our communication frameworks.

Animation as Communication

As the pod moves through the tube, the currently operating sub-systems change. To show this visually, I animated the Systems and Events frameworks in unison.

Other Selected Slides

More slides from the presentation (not ordered) are below, for a full copy, contact me.

3D Renders by Gautam Bose

January 2016