I worked with David Hwang in a Human-Computer Interaction class — Learning with Peers at Massive Scale (prof. Chinmay Kulkarni) — on a semester long research project in Spring 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University. We investigated solutions to the problem of providing code-review feedback, with specific reference to GitHub usage in industry.

Low Fidelity Prototype

To start, I quickly sketched out ideas on tabloid paper with pens and markers. Scanned documents and used Keynote build animations to bring my ideas to life, with minimal turnaround time.

In-Progress Slide Deck

Medium Fidelity Prototype

For the medium fidelity prototype, I continued to use Keynote for animation but used Sketch App to draw up assets instead of relying on paper sketching. I also added sound effects to help communicate how usage would proceed.

Final Resolution

For the final stage of our project, we scaled back the overall scope to that of only prompting for citations, instead of prompting and enabling quick citing. We built the product into a fully functioning Chrome Extension — it's available on the Chrome Web Store.

select slides from final presentation below

Test out Fastback

  1. Install Fastback from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Go to a pull request on Github.com (example for testing)
  3. Leave some line comments, see how Fastback changes your citation behavior.

Short Paper

We wrote up the details of our extension design, research design, research findings, and future directions in a short academic style conclusion paper.