Graphic Design

Studies in Typography & Form

An understanding of graphic design is a through line in my design practice; below are selected studies in scale, type, grids, and hierarchy

Typeface Study: Taz

In Communications Studio I, taught by Prof. Dan Boyarski, every student was assigned a type family for analysis – I was worked with Taz, creating static and dynamic artifacts.

Grids Analysis: The New York Times Magazine

The first project in Communications Studio I, taught by Prof. Dan Boyarski, was the analysis of grids within a web or print publication. I worked in collaboration with Heidi Chung to analyze The New York Times Magazine. We created a Keynote presentation, which was showed in conjunction with a verbal presentation – it is presented here as a video with select slides available below for more careful review.

Hierarchy Study: Poster Series

In Communication Studio I, taught by Prof. Dan Boyarski, we explored the notion of hierarchy in design by creating a poster for a hypothetical lecture series.

Digital Microscopy: Final Cut Pro X

In Environments Studio II, the study of scale in the physical world was emphasized. As an extension of this study, we explored the meaning of scale in the digital environment by scaling a screenshot of Final Cut Pro X from its original size (4" diagonal) to 8' 7" diagonal – a scaling factor of 25X.

This study challenges the traditional notion that the digital environment is assembled of pixels by proposing that the digital environment exists purely and infinitely in the human mind and its 'pixelwise representation' is simply a mechanism of mechanical display. This provocation also points towards potential futures where interactive and dynamic content will manifest itself in manifold different materials beyond traditional (RGB-XY) displays.

This project was completed in collaboration with Gautam Bose. Photo documentation by Soonho Kwon. Click to download the sketch file below.