‘Mushy Edges’ Spatial Selection Interface

Environments Data Capture

In the class Sensing Environments (51-377) taught by Mitch Sipus, we became familiar with and identified shortcomings in “Environment Mapping” software — both professional tools like QGIS and Fulcrum and consumer offerings like Google My Maps. Following this research period, we entered a short design sprint where we had to zone in on a particular shortcoming and design a solution.

Table of Contents

        1. Research
        2. Context
        3. Design
        4. Algorithmic Underpinnings


Mobile environment data collection application

point-based spatial selection UI shown

Masking and feathering as a strategy for denoting a 'blurry' edge



Algorithmic Underpinnings

“Metaballs are, in computer graphics, organic-looking n-dimensional objects” —Quote from Wikipedia

October 2018