Volumetric Physical Pixel Display

Media Interaction Design
Fall 2017 – Prof. Woohun Lee
KAIST – Dept. of Industrial Design
Project by – Lucas Ochoa, Gautam Bose, Cameron Burgess

P:hys:IXEL is concept volumetric display made of “physical pixels” that can occupy a range of physical space depending on their analog state. The intention of our project was to explore the notion of a dynamic material that would allow rapid display of three dimensional media. We worked towards making a physical pixel that would fill up space in its “on” position and hide away in its “off” position.

In essence, we wanted to explore what it meant to have an array of pixels that changed their physical form instead of visual lumiance. In our first version of P:hys:IXEL, we constructed a 3X3 grid (XY) of physical pixels — but, our ultimate aim is to create a nXnXn (XYZ) version that can naturally display three dimensional media in real 3D space.

Extended Process Coming...

December 2017