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The Chipotle ordering experience is made up of a mix of blurry agogic waiting periods (i.e. the first line) and quick rhythmic ordering/interaction phases (i.e. the second line and self-serve stafe). This quick period of fast jumps from one thing to the next make for an enjoyable user experience that never feels sluggish. The biggest missed opprotunity in my opinion is the lack of some experience in the first line that is also jumpy & enjoyable. I address this problem in my revised experience blueprint.

Part B

In the current store layout, the menu is off in the distance and must be glanced and processed entirely visually. In my store redesign, I propose bring the menu into waiting line area as a tangible element that canbe experienced directly and temporally as someone moves through the main waiting line. This is done by making the menu a physical and grpahic element located proximate to the waiting line against the nearest wall.

Images Captured in Collaboration with Gautam Bose