Prototype Authoring Environments

Exploring the space of authoring environments by building them from scratch

As a part of my broader research and design interest in authoring environments (programming/design tools, environments for thought, etc) I’ve begun building prototype authoring environment to more intimately understand the subject matter.

Node-Based Photo Editor

Working prototype of a node-based photo editing application built in Python for Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science (15-112). Conept and Design work completed in Environments Studio IV: Intelligence(s) in Environments (51-360for the project “Where are the Humans in AI.” This work was presented at Data & Society’s annual Future Perfect conference in New York City from June 7-8, 2018.

GIF Editor from Scratch

Photo editor built in Java for Software Prototyping (ID311) with Prof. Andrea Bianchi at KAIST ID in November 2017.