Interfaces for Computational Paper

Pursuing the Paper of Tomorrow

Table of Contents:

  1. Gestural Drawing Prototype
  2. Glider: Tangible Drawing Interface
  3. “Paper”: Early protypes of a paper-notion of computing
  4. (Some) Prior Art & Research

Gestural Drawing Prototype

This working-prototype explores a gestural radial menu within the context of a drawing application. It was inspried (partially) by the irritation of constantly tool-switching in Paper by 53 and also by some of the reasons further elaborated in my research section.

Menu options in Version 1
  • Undo
  • Clear All
  • Canvas Colour Change [Grey Scale]
  • Pen Colour [Hue] 
  • Pen Colour [Saturation]
  • Pen Colour [Brightness]

Early Sketches

Glider: Tangible Drawing Interface

This project was built for CMU's annual Build18 Hackathon in January 2018.

Cameron Burgess (me)

Software Design/Development

Lucas Ochoa (link)

Hardware Design/Fabrication


Early protypes of a paper-notion of computing extend ideas of a hybird environment explored in CeeMat: Dynamic Seeing Tools for Learning, Understanding, and Prototyping Physical Computation.


Some explorations in “Paper” in collaboration with Lucas Ochoa.

Prior Art & Research

ongoing work

November 2017 — Present