Designing Wick Editor

A Timeline-based Media Creation Toolkit

Wick Editor is a scriptable timeline-based multimedia creation tool kit for making interactive animations, games, and other ideas. The project is headed by Luca Damasco and Zach Rispoli, and is funded in-part by The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry. In January 2017, I was hired to assist in a complete redesign of the project – in-progress work can be seen below.

Wick Editor is live at It's also an open-source project on GitHub.


wick editor before the redesign process


click here to try the current version of wick

## work-in-progress ##

Some of our early Design process is available on Dropbox Paper. Please forgive the lack of organization and description — this gallery is a mix of early concept maps, sketches, visual design, and prototypes, this work was done in conjunction with Gautam Bose.

chromebook asset on project tile from Greg Warner