Gold master concept video + working demo for project a2: Sketching Interactions in Environments. Completed in tandem with Lucas Ochoa.

Scoping Conversations & Inspiration

Following the completion of my Tangible Media Exploration with Adella Guo in 60-212, I invited Lucas to work with me towards the end of extending the concept to meet the requirements of e1.a2: Sketching Interactions in Environments. We had conversations about what needed to be done to improve the design, primarily around a cube being the wrong shape and with regard to the idea of creating "a non-specific interaction device."

skip to 25 seconds to see an example of a "non-specific interaction device"

Building the Prototype

Class Presentation Video & Documentation

People reacted in class on snapchat. Afterwards, I collected the snaps from them for documentation here.

gold master work for class the day of Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016
work completed in collaboration with Lucas Ochoa.